Sunday, November 15, 2015

Inktober 2015

Here are some of my inktobers from this year! I failed to go past lucky number 13 haha


Saturday, April 4, 2015


I worked on this piece over winter break and finished it late January but wasn't allowed to share until today! So this was for Print-a-Palooza which is a non-profitable art print sale for charity, centered around 3 popular Cartoon Network shows! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity Angels on Stage. The 3 Cartoon Network shows are Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe!

My characters were were these dudes


Iacedrom and Ybgir, which is Mordecai and Rigby backwards. They're from an alternative universe where they hate giving speeches. So my thinking was I can either make them more realistic, or make them cartoony BUT if I make them cartoony people might mistake them for the regular Mordecai and Rigby so I went with realistic.

This was an initial concept with all kinds of gumball machines in the background.

One of them is Pops

Then I had this idea of the park being its own planet like King Kai's planet in DBZ

I wanted most of the piece to be traditional so I painted the space background out of watercolor.


The rendered drawing for the dudes.

And the finished version! I tried to make the grass and trees in front of the house be a Shrunkenheadman Logo but maybe its too subtle, or just enough. The planet and characters I colored digitally. But yea check out all the other prints too, everyone did a great job and they're only 8 bucks each! 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Header

Old header was boring and old, this ones from a painting I did a while back and heres a quick step by step till finish!

I forgot to save so jumps to this knight

Textures make everything nice

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Green Ninja!

It's finally online! I'm proud of this episode since I co-directed it with Samia Khalaf and we had an awesome team consisting of

(click on their names for their blogs!)
Vis Dev
Leslie Wyatt, Maaike Scherff, Stella Longfish.
John Kleckner, Chelsea Holt, Danielle Harmon, Matt White, Natalie Corsie, Heather Gregersen, Arturo Miramontes.

and produced by Revathi Kotni!

The Green Ninja Project is a collaborative effort started in San Jose State where students and faculty come together to promote climate science and solutions to current world problems.

Samia approached me with the idea of a video game themed episode and I thought it was really cool so I hopped on board. We went through a couple revisions of story, style, and at one point since we thought it would be mainly just us two, to have it as a motion comic style where animation is minimal and we would rely more on illustrations. Eventually we went back to the video game idea and gathered a crew together to pull it off! We worked on it most of last semester then myself and Samia edited it over winter break. I'm pretty happy with how it came out and glad we had an enthusiastic team for it.

So this older animatic had a couple of problems. It had more of a storytelling aspect to it rather than video game and it had no ending.

Here are some sweet notes we got from Dave to simplify and to incorporate the solutions to climate change into the fighting moves.

The animatic we made to address the notes and the final below! Originally it was going to be silent with captions but it felt empty so in the end they have voices!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Personal Film!

With all the BFA projects and other projects happening, I decided it would be smart to also work on a personal film project during any free time I don't have! Just in case it somehow get's done in the future I won't give out much detail about the story but basically it's about a reverse relationship between man and parrot. This being the first time I started completely digitally for a film project, I wanted to share my progress so far! (This is in Flash)

This shot is not too complicated, the parrot is watching tv, hears the coo coo clock, and realizes it's feeding time. Here is a rough animatic for it done by Samia Khalaf.

For my first pass I just wanted to try moving this new character in space and get overall timing close to what I was thinking from the animatic. 

I felt it was a little simple so I tried changing the action in a second pass. After looking at some parrot videos I made his turn quicker like parrots do. Trying to get the subtle movements down is tricky but in Flash at least it's faster and easier to inbetween.

So I have a lot more to go but so far really enjoying working on this thing!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I heard about inktober on the first day of October and had to try it! I only lasted 19 days though ha!